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TLOD, Inc. on Why You Should Vote Early

Published on 10/25/2022



Why should you vote early?

      Life happens. School, work, flat tires, bad weather, doctor’s appointments, and more are all reasons you may not be able to cast your ballot on November 8th. Making a plan to vote early helps ensure that when life happens, you’re still able to make your voice heard in our elections.

      In some states, it’s harder to vote. We can’t ignore that voter suppression is happening across the country, whether it’s closing polling locations, removing drop boxes, or long lines. So, let’s make sure we show up and show our power early.

      Our elections are too important to risk not being able to make your voice heard. So, make your plan to vote early and encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

Who can vote early?

      Voters in 45 states and the District of Columbia can vote early before Election Day. Visit to find your polling place and options to vote early.

Who can’t vote early?

      Voters in Connecticut, Mississippi, Missouri, and New Hampshire, don’t have access to early voting, but you can still take action:

      Check Your Voter Registration Status: Be sure to check your voter registration one last time using this portal:

      Make Sure You Have A Plan To Vote! Build your voting squad by texting three friends and asking them to make their plan to vote with you. Check your state's rules about Early Voting and go vote before November 8th! Use to solidify your plan!

      Share Your Voting Story! Finally, share your early voting photos on social media using #VotingSquad. Mrs. Obama and President Obama have already cast their vote for the 2022 Midterm Election, so encourage your network to join them and vote early!