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TLOD, Inc. Remembers Queen Elizabeth

Published on 9/19/2022

Today, we remember Queen Elizbeth II and her personal touch to society and service.  We remember how she gracefully managed a private and public role in service.  She served with faith and through extraordinary responsibilities. For many, she will long be remembered for her leadership, as she served placing others before herself, vowing to serve her country for the rest of her life at the young age of 25. 

As we have many of Queen Elizabeth’s images over the years, we witnessed how she served with humility, dignity, and respect.  She gave her heart not only to her family and the country, but to others as well. There is a deep respect for Queen Elizabeth as she bonded with past presidents of the United States and, of course, current President Joe Biden. She met these individuals with poise and grace, as she interacted on many occasions in some of history’s most dynamic moments.  Many witnessed a poignant moment this morning as the hearse drove past the many teary-eyed mourners one last time.

Today, we remember a life well lived by a public servant, as we pause to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II.