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Area Director's Message



It gives me great pleasure as the thirteenth National Area III Director to welcome you to our website, on behalf of the Ladies, Teens and Lords of Area III. Our theme: Working Together with Excellence, Commitment and Integrity to Enhance a Legacy of Service, exemplifies the due diligence of our members to ensure we work to transform the communities in which we serve.


As a part of the transforming team, Area III is  committed to the TLOD Mission Statement:  “To enhance and enrich the lives of youth and adults through the implementation of community-based programs and projects.  We measure our success by the improved quality of life experienced by the people we serve.”


As you visit our website, you will see the Ladies, Teens and Lords in action implementing the National Focus:  ONE TLOD, ONE VOICE…ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, through the facilitation of the National Thrusts, Projects and Affiliates and Partnerships. We invite you to visit our site often to see the wonderful work we do in the name of TLOD.  You won’t be disappointed!


Yours in service & love,


Lady Stephanie E. Dunn

National Area III Director