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Area Director's Message

Hello To All,

I am Lady Wanda L. Beauman, 12th National Area VI Director, Top Ladies of Distinction Incorporated. Our Top Ladies, Top Teens of America, and Lords are honored to greet you.

We are excited about continuing our work of serving communities across the western United States, and we invite you to join us in our mission to provide service through participation in programs, through creating educational events and through assisting in developing resources for those in need.

Area Vl chapters are working to help enlighten our Top Teens. We persist in supporting them and in inspiring them as they strive to become their best selves as leaders of tomorrow. Top Teens and Top Ladies join together to implement the TLOD Inc. thrusts of raising the status of women, of caring for senior citizens, of building community partnerships and of beautifying the environment.

Ladies, Teens and Lords are committed to working with our neighbors, and we want to help improve the quality of life for all that we serve. Please inquire at this web site if you have questions, or if you would like to form a chapter in your area.

Yours In Service,
Lady Wanda L. Beauman
National Area Vl Director