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Annie MoutonI am delighted and honored to serve as the 15th Area I Director, Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc.

Our Area I theme is “Transforming Area One Through Recruitment, Reclamation, Retention and Recommitment.  Area I, an area of diverse cultures and rich histories, is composed of chapters in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Our existence had its being in Tyler, Texas, where our eight visionary Founders passed the torch to provide service for youth and adults.   I believe they are pleased with our progress as we push forward toward a higher level of service.  Besides the best members, we have the most talented and innovative Top Teens of America in Area I!

The Area I Officers, elected and appointed, committee chairs, cluster coordinators and co-coordinators, chapter presidents, and chapter members, all contribute to the success of Area I and the continuation of its existence.  We are thankful and blessed to have reached our Emerald Anniversary in our history.  May the next 55 years bring us continued commitment, dedication, and love for TLOD. 

It is also an honor to serve in the administration of Lady Sharon Beard, our 14th National President, Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc.  Her national theme is “Transforming Lives, One Teen, One Lady, and One Community at a Time”.  We, as members of the greatest service organization, are willing, ready, and well-equipped to engage and to bring this challenge to fruition. 

When we reach the end of our service years, let it be said, “the work and service I gave, speak for me”.  May God, in His infinite wisdom, bless and keep us all.  May we be granted the ability to continue into perpetuity, serving from the example of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


In service and love,

Lady Annie L. Mouton
National Area I Director